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A (2) Book Spiritual Warfare Series

When we think of the Spiritual War, we face it daily. Are we proactive in counteracting what the enemy is trying, and sometimes succeeding against us? The Word of God says, "The prayers of the righteous availeth much." It also say, "No weapon formed against us shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against us, You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and our righteousness is from God. Says the Lord." So we know that the enemy comes after us daily. How is your prayer life?

Swazette Whitten is a highly regarded author, playwright, and speaker. Whitten has garnered a wide-spread reputation and critical-acclaim, for producing creative works that spread the Word of God through the Arts. Swazette Whitten is a woman of God who has written two books for a time such as this. She is fond of the arts and loves God's people. The first book she wrote was A Prayer Handbook for Dancers: A Guide to Supernatural Breakthrough in Spiritual Warfare. Her recently released book on August 7th, is a follow-up in her Spiritual Warfare Series, 30 Days of Prayers: Praying for Your Future King. Swazette was born and raised in New York. She has been serving the Lord since 1996. Swazette began dancing and acting as a small child. Her parents did not approve of her being in the performing arts so she took a career in medicine. She finished her degree in Mathematics and Science and worked in a laboratory for 21 years.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Dancers
Prayers for Dancers

Founder / C.E.O Swazette Whitten's passion for dance became stronger as she got older. She decided that medicine was not her calling and she started pursuing a career in the Performing Arts. She's trained at Dickerson Performing Arts, Shachah Ministries Int'l, Upper Room Dance Academy, and Dance for Joy Ministries, The Broadway Dance Center, Dance Theatre of Harlem and Stony Brook University. Swazette has also studied Ballet, Modern/Jazz, African Dance, Tap Dance, Flag Twirling and Tambourine Choreography, Acting, Stage Management, Playwriting, Directing and much more. She graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater, Cum Laude and her Master's Degree in Business Administration in Management and Marketing. She has danced at various functions, Conferences, The Majestic Theater in Dallas Texas, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Political events, and numerous churches and non-profit organizations and more. Swazette has taught Flags/Banners, Tambourine Choreography and Streamers at Dance for Joy. She has been an Assistant Dance Educator with a program through the Board of Education teaching "Swing Dance" and Nutrition to 120 fourth graders. Ms. Whitten currently teaches at S. Whitten Theatricals and teaches seminars throughout the tri-state area in churches. She has been an intercessor for over 10 years and has trained in and sat in the office of an intercessor, in a local church. Swazette has been taught how to do warfare with the Tambourine and Banners. She now combines her dance with warfare. In 2007 Swazette started a prayer ministry called "Praying for the Performing Arts" where they pray for global issues in the world and in the church concerning the performing arts. She teaches Liturgical dance, different levels of Tambourine Choreography and different levels of Flag Twirling. She also teaches Acting, Stage Management, Directing, and Production. Swazette has written and directed skits and plays such are "All the Way", "Divorce is not Final", and "For Every Mountain".

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