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ABOUT ME - Fiction Writer

Nita Nae
NNB Conference 2022

To consider who I am as a writer, there was a time in my life when writing became a way for me to escape to some other reality than my own. I was hurting inside and in depression. Then, in 1993, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and my reality changed. Although some of MY life is intertwined in some stories you will read, my passion for writing took a turn, when I no longer wanted to escape life but to live life more abundantly and share stories with everyone. 

Never thinking about my pain or struggles or just my existence as being something exciting or worthy to talk about, but God always gives us a testimony. Life became exciting as I learned more about God and truly what Christ had done for me personally and for the world. When I wrote, I could only write what I had experienced, and that was a life of sin, which I am not ashamed of because without that experience, I wouldn't know the difference and the trueness of Jesus' sacrifice and what it means to be a witness. ANYONE can be a new creature in Christ.  

Do we take for granted that our thinking has led us down the wrong path? Is it the same excuse repeatedly, 'People are human and making mistakes is just a part of that experience' and do we truly live with the consequences of our decisions? Of course, we have life experiences. That's how God uses us as a testimony, but does it negate the fact that through God's Holy Spirit, we can have a separated life and fight this flesh to be free to live without sin; Yes, we have a choice.  

Once I accepted Christ, my writing slowly, but surely, shifted. God was pouring into me the revelation of HIS LOVE and I had more in me to share and to incorporate my faith as well. I don't know if any of them will be successful, but I cannot deny; God gave them to me and that's enough success for me. I appreciate God for the passion that is growing inside of me for His Word. My calling is sure, as God has called me, to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

I pray Nita Nae's Books encourages, uplifts and brings out your imagination and yearning for the realness of life and a new life in Christ, as well. ENJOY!  

"Be healthy and whole; mind, body & soul."

Nita Nae

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