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Pharoah vs. Priest: The Rise of Aten

The Rise of Aten is the creative development of Author, Raudric Curtis. Mr. Curtis created the concept of Pharoah vs. Priest during college. He's always liked comics and anime, but his love for it blossomed and many other creative ideas sprang up, like DAMB'E.

(Sneak peek on YouTube Video).

Pharoah vs Priest: The Rise of Aten

“Egypt is coming apart… You are the only one who can help.”

A terrible message is delivered to Aten, the Lion Priest, upon his arrival home. People are going missing, death cults are on the rise, and his father, the Pharaoh, is dying. Though Aten has devoted his life to finding spiritual answers, he must now turn to a world of political instability and find peace where he can. Agreeing to take on his Pharaonic duties, he sets off for the capital with his beautiful wife Nefritune and their trusted allies. But it’s a long and perilous journey, and Aten is only a man. The threats facing him are great and his enemies will not show mercy. Can Aten’s faith truly guide him towards his destiny? Or will he be doomed to watch the Nile Valley Civilizations fall?

Raudric Curtis is a father and loves to write and create comics. He's engaged to a beautiful lady. He's a Head Football Coach, and Business Owner of eliteusports and CB Publishing LLC.

Find him on Social Media:

Instagram: @rjcurtisauthor / @royal_house_comics

FB group: @royalhousecomics

To view full interview with Author and Comic Book Creator, Raudric Curtis at NNB Author's P.O.V. YouTube Channel:

Interview in Short:

He's a sports enthusiast, trainer, and football coach. His love of artistry has always been there, but it truly developed in High School and College. He's a father, fiance, writer and artist who's being creative with the things he loves to do; creating stories everyone will enjoy. As an entrepreneur, he's created an indie company called Royal House Comics. With this company, Raudric's been able to work with many other artists, networking from the U.S. to Nigeria, and around the world.

Pharoah vs. Priest: The Rise of Aten is fifteen years in the making. He created a short anime in college and decided during the Pandemic to develop and complete this project. The novel is coming out the Summer of 2021. Following with the Comic Book and fingers crossed with prayer, an Anime Movie.

To see the full interview and get all great nuggets of what Raudric Curtis and Royal House Comics is creating, click here for NNB Author's Point of View YouTube Channel,

Premiering at 10am:

May 21st:

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