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Finding Love in the Wrong Places

Author and Mompreneur Alvinya Keys has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She found throughout the years that you can find love in all the wrong places. We discuss her memoir Love or the Illusions of Love, her children's books for her young son, and Hustler's Cup, a new coffee shop opening early June.

Have you ever been in relationship after relationship, and it never seems to work out? Author Alvinya Key takes you through her relationships in each chapter. As you read about her personal experiences that were depicted as “Love,” but in the end, it’s only a mere illusion of Love. The book allows you to explore her accounts of Love and helps to navigate what’s healthy and not healthy in a relationship. In the end, you will find, Self-Love is key, waiting patiently for Love is important to understanding that men can’t fill the void of hurt.

Writer, Filmmaker, Podcast Creator & Mompreneur:

Alvinya Key is a writer, blogger, filmmaker, writing coach, and women empowered activist. She's written a book about her personal relationships and wants to help others with their book writing. She's also created a children's book based on her youngest son learning his colors. She created a blog about her life experiences to share with other mothers. She's currently working on my next project, that's a documentary about mothers.

Little Frank goes to the zoo and learns his colors by seeing various animal colors.

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Hustlers Cup: 2010 east 7th St Unit B, Los Angeles, CA 90021

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