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Fear-Humility-Motivation-Hard Word-Success

[Nita Nae's Books] is dedicated to providing Truthful Imagination for those who love to read. Using our imagination is a part of how God created us. Can you imagine living in the times of Ancient Egypt or when Christ walked the earth?


"Imagination is a part of all of us."  


Each book provides a look inside the imagination of the writer and real life itself. Life, Love, Forgiveness, Murder, Mystery, Laughter, Pain, Dreams, Passion, Ministry, and Purpose, are all part of everyday living.


I welcome you to take part in these stories of life and circumstance. Try to imagine whether there is truth to the writer's story. Is part of your life depicted anywhere in what is descriptive to the character's attributes?

My ultimate Hope and Prayer is that someone's blessed by what I write, encouraged to hold on and seek God for themselves. That you can laugh and enjoy life and that more abundantly. That forgiveness is found, and it breaks anything holding you back.

The Oath:

To Love and Treasure Time. Oh! What Consideration.

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