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Author Shares Importance Of God’s Counsel In New Book


Posted on July 25, 2019 Author Marissa Wells, Contributing Writer   1777 Views

Erica’s life was in turmoil. She had gone through several relationships, including a divorce, being the other woman, becoming married again and was on the brink of yet another divorce. Her relationship with God also was not what it should be. In “Unconditional Counsel” by Arnita R. L. Lewis, journey with Erica as she fights her way back to sanity and God; learning that God’s counsel is unconditional and the wisest counsel she should take. “Unconditional Counsel” is a new fictional drama loosely based on the author’s life.

“I was Erica, going through a divorce, finding myself with one foot in and one foot out of the church; there had to be more to this Christian walk,” Lewis said. “In 2003, I had to fight my way back into the right relationship with God to understand the purpose of all of the things I experienced.”


The chapters address the large scope of dealing with relationships, including marriage, fornication, adultery, divorce, sexual immorality and a relationship with God. “Unconditional Counsel” is intended for young adult and adult men and women who are single, married, divorced or experiencing difficulties in their current relationships.


“It was important to me to write this book because I’m no longer ashamed of my past and hoping to help someone else through the storms of life,” Lewis said. “I can openly talk about my struggle with sexual immorality and how the choices I made without seeking God’s counsel truly messed up my life, but it wasn’t unto death.”


The book will no doubt equip readers with more knowledge about how to overcome some of life’s challenges, especially regarding relationships.


“There was no question. I had to fast and pray and seek God’s word to get me through my trials and tribulations,” Lewis said. “I’m not talking about getting a religious epiphany, but truly understanding all relationships can go sour without God’s unconditional counsel guiding and directing your path.”


Besides being an author, Lewis works for the Los Angeles Police Department. She lives in Los Angeles. “Unconditional Counsel” is available in (print  & eBook) at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and Christian Faith Publishing. First version of the book is also available at Word of Life Christian Book Store.

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