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Words with Purpose!

Words can heal in more ways than one. Words that have a purpose and meaning can uplift and save a soul. The words expressed within the pages of this book are personal poetry. Personal poetry heals the soul of the one who writes, but it also reaches the one who understands the heart of humanity and purpose.

WORDS WITH PURPOSE is a collection of intimate poems written by Finesse as she journeyed from an adolescent to an adult. Using her pen to free her mind, express suppressed feelings, and release mixed emotions. Ms. Harris offers her thoughts in their most authentic form.

A personal poem from Finesse Harris poetry book here!


It's okay to admire what you don't understand

We are not in competition

Timing is a part of God's plan

I won't let my light outshine you

Instead, I'll use my light to help you shine

I'll fix your crown and you'll help me fix mine.

Ms. Finesse's poems are a personal testimony, where you can see the stages of movement and growth in her walk with the Lord. Like so many of us, experiencing life in different ways, this was her way to express her life's challenges and allow for healing. To see more of our interview, click here:

Finesse Harris also has a product line for her book as well; Created With Purpose.

To purchase her book, click on the blue links below for print and eBook: Words with Purpose (9798647860507): Harris, Finesse: Books

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