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Unprideful Light: Win Against Timidity

We discuss her new book, Unprideful Light: Winning The Battle Against Timidity. Chontali is a wife, mother, teacher, editor, song bird and new author. She has helped so many others get their books finished and published, now it's her turn. What does it look like to win the battle against timidity? Are you timid? Are you sometimes timid? Can you identify it, if it shows up in your life or circumstances?

We are living in unprecedented times when the voice of the church is needed more than ever. In this book, Unprideful Light: Winning the Battle Against Timidity, we will study biblical characters who learned how to show up and speak out courageously in the face of fear. The world is waiting for a move of the Spirit, and it will require radical faith, and action, which this book promotes. Join me on this journey to becoming God's Unprideful Light.

Chontali's passion is to see every believer discover their God-given purpose and mature in their spiritual gifts to build the kingdom of God. She, along with her husband Robert, has helped birth countless books and ministries for authors. Chontali lives with her husband and daughter in Los Angeles, CA., where she is a teacher, editor, song bird, ministry worker, and more. For more information, visit her website:

Our Interview

You know God does nothing without a purpose to it. I've known Chontali for a few years now. She is a sweat-heart. Hardworking and she loves God. She was my first book editor and has helped me through the beginnings of my writing process. Our interview was candid and there are some things she spoke about that I didn't know, but I thank her for sharing her testimony of trauma and triumph.

"Origins of the book came when I went through a tragic experience 10 years ago, when I miscarried. Out of that trauma, I started writing this book about 5 or 6 years ago, when I was able to talk about my own experience." Chontali said. "First, my family is artistic and during this experience, the enemy attacked my artistic gifts."

Since writing Unprideful Light, she's experienced confirmation from the Lord that this book is right on time. "I've gotten calls from people regarding the book and how it's been a blessing to them and I've heard messages from the church about the same subjects that are in my book." To see our interview, click here:

Next weeks guest is Kathleen Leonard, Emmy Nominated Hairstylist to the stars (The Voice, Brooklyn 99, E.R., True Blood and many others).

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