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Time Benders I & II

In such a case as this, when you have an author interview that goes so well, you learn something from it, that's what I got from this interview. Joy B Yanni takes you on a ride in time, and you want to see what's going to happen next. Join me as we take a ride down memory lane with Author, JB Yanni, and the Time Benders series. To see our one-on-one interview, click here:

“A breezy, straightforward approach to time travel featuring unforgettable characters.”—Kirkus Reviews.

Just like Harry, Hermione and the Weasley brothers in Harry Potter, the Fitzgerald kids continue their adventures in Time Benders and the Two Promises. In this second book in the series, the full impact of what Joe has done sinks in, angering Deb and Ken, and causing Ken to say no more to the time machine. Later, when Deb learns about Mr. Brewster’s history, she and Joe defy Ken and take the machine to Las Vegas, 1958, to keep Mrs. Brewster from a certain accident. Bolstered by the success of this trip, Deb decides recklessly to undo what Joe had done in his solo trip in the machine, returning to Cambridge to stop Joe. The unknown forces of the universe and energy are working against their efforts to be in the same space and time, and she barely makes it back alive! All of this creates a rift between Deb and her best friend Mary, because of the spiritual questions of whether one should try to change someone’s fate, until she finally understands, when she learns she may face a terrible future and major illness. She convinces the Fitzgerald siblings to use the machine to go forward in time to find out her fate. Through all of this, the siblings commit to two major promises about the machine, and their parents, and wrestle with their faith, the questions presented by the time travel; losing their parents and the fact that there trips continue to wreak havoc on their memories; and their relationships amongst the siblings, with their friends, girlfriends and boyfriend. This heartwarming story packs a punch of history, faith, and science sprinkled with kindness through these relatable teens.

JB Yanni is the author of YA time travelling science fiction series. JB grew up in Wheaton, IL, a suburb of Chicago. She is the second child of four, with two sisters and one brother; because it was the 1970s and the culture was different. They are all named with "J's" Jean, Joy, Jerry, and Jan. JB has been a voracious reader her entire life, often being told to put the book down for dinner or to go to bed. She has always believed a great book moves you, changes you, and can become a lifelong friend. With the belief that teaching a child to read is the key to their happiness and success, JB wrote the Time Benders series, hoping young readers will find friends in the Fitzgerald family and their time travelling adventures and discoveries.

Our interview

Life brings challenges, so let's turn back the clock. In this modern age, we've wondered whether time travel could be possible. That what if? If only it was possible, what would you do? There are certainly some things I would go back and undo, but there lies the question. To change our past choices, hurts, pains, tragedies, and failures could change everything good we've experienced in the current life God has given us.

JB Yanni discusses these very questions within the Series. She loves reading, and her favorite genre is Historical Fiction. Her love for history and the thought of meeting some of her favorite historical figures brought her to investigate and write about Teens doing great things in the world of Science Fiction. To see our one-on-one interview:

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