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The Butterfly Effect

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

No, not the film, but The Butterfly Blueprint. It’s a guide to help you Renew Your Mind and Grow Your Faith. You know the familiar cliche, doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is the rationale of insanity. Author, Stephanie Miller, penned the blueprint for you to avoid doing the same things again and again to develop in faith, God’s word and love.

Those spiritually stuck and desire an intimate, growth relationship with Jesus will surely benefit from The Butterfly Blueprint. She uses each stage of a butterfly-egg, caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly-to show you five ways to grow your faith. By exploring how your past shapes your perspective and understanding the value of authenticity and accountability in relationships, you will learn how to identify and address your spiritual blind spots that are hindering your growth. By following the Butterly stages, your purpose will come clearer and your relationships will grow deeper. You will create a new perspective to share your story with others. You can’t remain a caterpillar your entire life. Let God change your mindset so He can transform you into the beautiful butterfly He created you to be.

Stephanie is a military wife, mother, and opens up about her own journey of transformation while giving practical steps you can achieve to show actual progress in your spiritual life. She’s a M.A., and certified personal growth coach and speaker who lives in Colorado. As a family, they enjoy hiking excursions. She has a ministry, Butterfly Beginnings, specializing in helping those spiritually stuck change through a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Her early published work includes I Am Enough In Christ, a workbook and devotional.

To see our interview:

Our Interview

Stephanie dedicates herself to the work of the Lord, when she's not busy with a toddler and baby. I told her, God bless her with two small kids and continuing to do ministry. We did a Zoom interview that will be up on YouTube in November. In the beginning, she describes her thought process for writing this book as, "Two key concepts merged. The Butterfly Blueprint looks at our spiritual growth and transformation of who we could be and what God has for us. Up to the caterpillar and the final butterfly that God creates us into."

About the book, she says, "I wanted to be transparent in telling my story, allowing viewers to see my authentic self, by sharing how I transformed and help do the same with others." She describes how the Butterfly theme was instrumental in her branding. "When I started my ministry Butterfly Beginnings, butterflies were significant in my life and in the lives of my family. We have a Butterfly Blessing that's been passed down from generations, which was the cornerstone of my ministry."

She speaks about when she started the ministry; she attended a writing and speaking conference; She Speaks. It was at that conference God revealed to her she would write a book. The vision was so clear that God showed her sitting down and signing copies. Now, that is an absolute blessing to see God's plan for your life—clearly. God provided an amazing experience for her to hold on to. He showed her the end-result, but what happens in between time, she reveals, "He also showed me it would not happen right away. So, 2019, I have this burning desire to write and I complete my first draft. I then find out I'm pregnant with my son. So, I decide, I'm going to have a baby, but just not a book baby that year." We laugh.

Fast forward to 2020, she gets that burning desire again and this time, God wants her to incorporate the Butterfly process. And the final verdict is, The Butterfly Blueprint. In her process of writing this book, I asked her about the fun, interesting aspects of her complete process, and what was the most difficult. She states, "It was fun writing the book, but I throughly enjoyed watching how my Launch Team engaged and connected with each other doing this project. We would have weekly Zoom meetings and I watched friendships form." She states, "The most difficult thing I dealt with was more of my own internal struggles. Publishing, Marketing, and self-promotion was hard."

Stephanie started a Small Group Study on Zoom in October. By the time of this post, she will have started that small group, but you can reach out to her at to see when she will conduct another one. To watch our full interview:

The Butterfly Blueprint: How to Renew Your Mind and Grow Your Faith

is available on Amazon and LUCIDBOOKS (Links below).

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