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Take the 21 Day Journey

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Take the Journey: 21 Days of Devotional Study & Prayer. National Evangelist, Jacquelyn Davis, is a powerful witness for Jesus Christ, and winning souls for the Kingdom of God is her goal. In her Bio, she's humbled because God chose her as a vessel for His glory to declare His saving power on Home and Foreign lands. She is a teacher, preacher, prayer warrior, prayer intercessor, spiritual mentor, and much more. Let's get into Take the Journey.

Do you desire a deeper relationship with God?

Is your heart craving His presence?

Does your mind constantly think, “What can I do to draw closer to God?”

If your answer is yes, then take the journey with this transforming twenty-one day devotional study and prayer book.

You will find guidance through the word of God and prayers of activation for each day that will ignite your faith and propel you into a deeper relationship with God.

God invites you to journey!

Jacquelyn Davis is a wife, a mother, and grandmother. When she's not busy with family, she's busy in ministry and doing a work for the Lord. A little over five years ago, she created a ministry called the

I Just Want God Prayer Ministry. Through her ministry, she conducts a weekly prayer line on Wednesdays at 6 am; she does street witnessing with a team of like-minded soldiers for the Lord, twice a week in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas. She conducts a monthly 24 hour shut-in (online) and you can find her on Periscope on Sunday's at 6 pm.

Our Interview

Disclaimer, I won't give all the nooks and crannies of our interview away here, because she is my first guest on the NEW NNB Author's P.O.V. YouTube Channel coming November 6, 2020. You'll get to hear all about the book and her ministry in full. In the meantime, here's a little to nibble on Take the Journey. Click on the link and hit SUBSCRIBE.

The book includes 21 days of Devotional Study and Prayer. It's designed as an easy read which includes: Devotional Reading Scriptures, a focused scripture reading, teaching, Personal testimony, and Let's Pray. Evang. Davis says, "The ministry was going through 21 days of prayer and consecration, seeking the face of God and a closer walk with Him, when I began creating this book."

I asked her, what was the fun or interesting thing that happened when writing this book? She says, "The most interesting thing was when I was choosing the scriptures, I dug deeper into the word of God. When I would get one scripture, that scripture would take me to another and another. Along those lines, the challenging thing was to streamline the scriptures." We chuckled a lot through this interview, but I appreciate her candidness of the process.

Were there any other challenges you faced? She says, "There were challenges during the writing when I got discouraged. It was then I told the Lord I needed help, because the challenge was staying committed to the writing process. Like God does, he sent me help and also an Accountability Partner, who kept me on track. I would make sure I had something to report when she called."

I've read the book and experienced the love of God through her words. Loved It!!!! Well, that's all I'm going to give you for now, but know there's a workbook and volume 2 coming down the road. Check out the rest of our interview in November 6th, on NNB Author's P.O.V. YouTube Channel. Please view the flyers below and subscribe to her website for more information.

Buy the book today! Available in Print & eBook. You can purchase the printed book through her website: The eBook is available through Amazon:

What's Coming Up for National Evangelist, Jacquelyn Davis:

FYI, Nita Nae's Books Author's P.O.V. Blog Interviews is heading to YouTube!!!!!!

November, the interviews will come to life.


There will be no new blogs until November 6th.

November 13th, my new interview guest will be:

Clint D. Johnson

Artist, Illustrator, Poet, & Author

Kids and adults of all ages are welcome!

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