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Lingering Poets

Let me just say, the Name is deceptive, which in this case is a good thing. No, Lingering Poets is not about poetry or about someone who writes poetry, but a novel that takes you to a place where the timid and lonely can get into so much trouble. Could the cost for Samuel's freedom prove too great for everyone involved?

Samuel, a lonely postal worker recently divorced, has bouts with suicidal impulses. His writings and passions have only brought about pain and disappointment. His last surviving creative outlet is imagining what his deliveries contain and what affect they might have on those receiving them. Things change for Samuel when a seemingly groundless daydream about a shipment of money proves to be more than just a theory. Stealing the missing fortune could prove exactly what he needs to escape the monotonous chains that bind him. When Samuel realizes he can't accomplish his goal alone, he seeks help in The Post Edition; a neighborhood full of prideful hoodlums whose passionate and lawless approach to life is perfect for his situation. Now it's the Posties vs. Law Enforcement and a slew of criminals.

Logan Lamech was born in a small Midwestern town. His parents stoked his interest in writing from a young age, and throughout his schooling he flourished in anything involving the literary arts. His dreams of becoming an author were well on track when he began college and was majoring in English Lit. Unfortunately, those dreams were derailed when drug and alcohol abuse lead to dropping out. After years of spiraling, he was pulled back from the brink by meeting his future wife and her having their first son. Now that they raise seven boys together and lead a much healthier lifestyle, Logan returned to his first love of writing. Though much of his time is occupied by the homeschooling of their boys, Logan finally finishes and published an old writing project, Lingering Poets.

Our Interview

Logan is a husband and father, who's got the pulse of intrigue. Our interview was candid and fun. He says of the interview, "You made the interview easy." Thanks Logan for the compliment. We discuss in length if there were any elements of Logan within the pages, "There are anecdotes and things that I have observed throughout my life that I used for Samuel's character, like having too much to drink and getting into some scuffled situation, but mostly, Samuel's character is fiction based."

There were several points of this interview that were so much fun, but his explanation of how the title came about was most interesting, "The title came rather quickly after holding the title of The Post Man during the writing process, but when the actual title came, my thought process was, Lingering around a society that doesn't embrace a poetic nature."

I thought this was profound, as a society that has taken on sin as its refuge and the beauty, the poetry, the goodness, the humanity of this world that God created is no longer celebrated.

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Thank you, Logan Lamech, for joining me for this interview. Go out and purchase his book, Lingering Poets. (Warning: Adult Language). The book is in print and eBook.

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