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Tales of Faires & Farmhands

My Interview guest is all the way from Malaysia. Sam Yaw Jian Fong has written two books, Unicorn Farmhand & Mockingston Faire. Sam is a 24-year-old author who loves to write (YA) novels and wants to be his country's version of Tolkien. His dream is to write and create fantastic characters that enrich the imagination. To see our YouTube Author interview:

Every horse has a talent or two. Some sit, jump over obstacles, and select a button for a treat. For one particular draft horse, Dok Saau, his talent is writing. He doesn't just scribble letters, but he also expresses his own thoughts to his bemused owners. Surprised by his talent, his owner, Chang Gao, brings him to the Horse Fair, where he beats the other horses by writing proper answers to several questions. After a DNA scan reveals him to be a unicorn, and their intentions to release him into the wild, the authorities let Chang Gao keep him to become a local attraction. As Dok Saau tries to adjust to his new life as an animal celebrity, he faces recurring nightmares from his troubled past. He seeks Chang Gao's help to help him defeat his fears? Or would they instead attract something much worse: something that could threaten his comforts or even his own life?

Three friends—Victoria Hughes, Jack Zhang, and Ludvig Gerald, attend Mockingston Faire, an annual convention where fans meet their favourite characters, buy and sell art, play games, and have a good time. Victoria wants to see Gunfighter III and reconcile with Ludvig over what she did last year. Jack wants to get as many pictures of his dearest characters, and Ludvig wants to keep away from annoying fans and events that constantly force him to become an amateur actor. But the Faire itself has its own challenges. Everywhere they go, they can't evade the malcontents of pop culture. From violent brawls between bitter fandoms, to nuisances who hound their every step, the Faire seems to descend into chaos. Can they make it through the dysfunctional festival with their friendship tact, succumb to the surrounding rage, or losing their sanity and reputation in the process?

Samuel Yaw Jian Yong is an amateur author and artist from Seremban, Malaysia. Because of the time spent on the Internet, he enjoys making his own fictional worlds inhabited by dozens of quirky characters.

Our Interview

Sam is a young man who loves to use his imagination. I asked him, 'what parts of Samuel are within the pages of these novels? "For Unicorn Farmhand, I used my own humanistic characteristics within the pages, and for Mockingston Faire, I base jack off of me." How long have you been writing? Sam states, "I've been writing since 8 or 12." What has been the most interesting aspect of writing these books? "It's been the improvising and the world building for these characters." What's been the most challenging? "Writing the plots, sometimes my brain just stops." To see the rest of our interview:

Sam is so interesting and he was fun to talk to. We talked some more after the interview and he told me about another novel he wrote. It's in the description section on the YouTube Interview, so check it out.

For my next interview, it's TBD, and I'll let you know. For now, check out any blogs or interviews you may have missed. If you know someone who is interested in discussing their gift, book, art or talent, share this information with them. Thanks and see you next week.

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