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Black Eden

"That Church is the devil's playground," the first line in Black Eden, by Dr. Mildred Dumas. Reverend Benjamin Thomas has finally got the post for which he has been praying for years; he and his son Forrest are now Paster and Assistant Pastor of First St. Mark's Missionary Baptist church. Ooh, the pages scream with "Amens" and "Hallelujahs" from the Mother's Bench.

Given a choice of housing, the parsonage beside the church or a mansion donated to the church by a deceased member. Because of its dark past; the horrors of slavery; a reported murder/suicide of a past pastor and his wife, and the disappearance of another pastor and his family; they were warned against taking the mansion. Despite the warning, Benjamin chooses the mansion. Forrest discovers that there is major corruption going on in the church, and that the chairman of the Deacon Board, Gaston Burton Davis-who is also the city's mayor, is at the core of it all. He also discovers that his father is being used to further the corruption. Forrest, with the help from a Mother of the church, tries to save his father, and the church from the negative forces that are working against First St. Marks., and the practice of Tithing is explored.

Dr. Mildred Dumas is a novelist and a playwright. She is also an actress of stage, screen and television. Some of her movie credits include Lady Killers, The Hustle, and Chasing Papi. She is best remembered as Principle Brandywine on Nickelodeon's Unfabulous Show. They have produced some of her plays in theaters around the country. Her play, When the past comes back...(drama about sorority hazing), received seven N.A.A.C.P., Theater Award Nominations in 2001. Dr. Dumas is also a Naturopathic Doctor and has penned a book on natural healing; God's Diet for His People. Dr. Dumas lives in Southern California.

Dr. Dumas gave me permission to call her Mildred, so for the rest of this interview, I will call her Dr. Dumas. It's not in me to do otherwise, but I love her candid, down-to-earth personality. She has written four novels, Bitter Inheritance, Facade, Christmas Blessing and Black Eden. To see the rest of our interview, please click here:

Dr. Dumas has been writing since she was ten. Starting out as a Playwright, she's cranked out more than a hundred plays. I asked Dr. Dumas what was the most challenging aspect of writing Black Eden? She states, "It was finishing the book. I started fifteen years ago and had to put it away." On the other side of that question, what's been the most fun/interesting thing about writing this book? "It's been the comments from people and discovering who their favorite character was."

I will end the Blog interview here, but to hear her personal Point of View on Black Eden and her other books, click here to go to NNB Author's Point of View YouTube Channel: Book links also in description on YouTube Channel Interview. To also purchase directly from her, please contact Dr. Dumas at +1-661-265-9344.

To find out more about Dr. Dumas and purchase her other books: It will be available during Thanksgiving.

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