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A Hand-Me-Down!

To look at Macara Curtis, aka MAC, she absolutely doesn’t look like a Granny, but she is to a 6-month-old grandson. Her brand, Not Your Average Granny, produced a Recipe Book that you can fill up and pass down to your family.

Not Your Average Granny’s, Hand-Me-Down, Recipe Book by Macara Curtis, is special. The desire to bring the family unit together motivated her to complete this recipe book from start to finish. By sharing and passing down recipe’s from you to your family, friends, and grandchildren. Within the pages, there’s one Mac & Cheese recipe and open pages to store in new recipes of your own or the ones your parents passed down to you.

Macara Curtis is a mother and grandmother. She didn’t grow up with any biological parentage, and because of it, she wanted to have something to pass down to her daughter and grandchild. Ms. Curtis is enjoying filling her own Recipe Book with healthy foods she can pass down. She’s received great feedback from others on how they are using the Recipe Book.

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I want to thank Macara for sharing her story and wanting to create something that others can share with their families as well. Purchase the recipe book today and make memories of the exceptional morsels that add character to any recipe and seasoning pot. Enjoy!

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