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The Five "F" Words

Jerilynn Stephens is a Hollywood Hairstylist, Self Image Coach, Author, and Speaker who's written a book titled, The Five "F" Words to Manifesting Your Life. The Five "F" Words are Figure, Focus, Fearless, Feel, and Faith. She discusses in-depth what she hopes each reader gets out of this book. She's definitely a Manifesting Machine.

YOU ARE A MANIFESTING MACHINE! We were born to manifest and regardless of where you are in your life; you are manifesting all the time. The challenge is most people manifest in default mode, simply unaware of the power they possess to consciously co-create their life. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, yet most will build their life without one. If you are ready to activate the forces within and take control of your destiny, then The 5 "F'" Words won’t disappoint. This treasure of a book, by first-time author Jerilynn Stephens, breaks down the theory of manifestation into a simple-to-use, real-world practice where co-creating the life of your dreams is as natural as brushing your teeth.

Jerilynn Stephens has been consciously manifesting the life of her dreams for the last sixteen years. It was through study, practice and patience that she decoded the keys to manifestation. During a rough time of struggling with alcohol, she hit rock bottom and picked up a book that introduced her to the world of co-creating with the Universe. Since then, love, career, joy, and money have all manifested beyond her wildest imagination. She is now on a mission to share this knowledge. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and their two potbelly pig, Lucy. When not with her family or leading a team of award-winning hairstylists as the Head Hairstylist for The Voice, Shark Tank, and other top-rated shows, Jerilynn is speaking and writing about how to manifest the life of your dreams.

Our Interview

Jerilynn is a beautiful, talented, and funny lady. She's a wife, mother, Emmy Nominated and Guild Award Winning Hairstylist who is running the Hair Departments of some pretty big shows. Her motto is, "Dream Big or Don't Bother." That was the exact words she wrote in her book she gave me, and I have to say, those words were right on time for me.

Jerilynn believes that "Manifesting Your Life is Fun!" She does not claim to be a writer, but she had to write what was happening to her and how she started changing, and manifesting her life as an artist, speaker, and Self Image Coach.

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