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Prioritize What's Important

Are you focused? What happens to you when your life is in disarray? The reality is, this isn't the way you want it to be but that's the way it is right now. Are you sad, don't be. I have good news. Things can change! Belief and Faith in God, are a part of the path to prioritizing your life successfully.

It's not rocket science. It's up to you to decide what's important to you? Your family, job, church, a new business and GOD! Where do those important realities of life fit?

I love writing and I know this is something I want to do for the rest of my life, while helping others too. With all the things I have to do naturally, like work for a living and spiritually, be consistent in my prayer life, where do I place my own personal writing in my important stack. I think this is where we find that our lives are in disarray, because we don't look at the importance of knowing where each peace fits-we just do. We don't look at the perspectives of where we are on a regular basis.

I for one don't mind making lists. They are not something I do often but when there are decisions to be made about life changes, I start making a list. Your list doesn't have to be in specific order. For me, it's important that I have God as #1, but how often in our everyday lives do we truly put God first. I am in no way perfect but I try to put God first before everything. I sometimes fall short in that area when making rash decisions.

For example for your overall life:

God, Family, Writing, Job, Ministry, Studying, Learning, Travel and Fun.

Or, if I want to get specific in one area:

Prayer, Bible Study, Choir, Sunday School, Bible School.

It's also important to note; just because you made a list a year ago of what's important to you, doesn't mean your list can't change. It should change. With time, maturity and responsibility, things do change.

So we have to learn how to prioritize; regularly. What does prioritizing things in your life look like to you? A Bucket List, a common sense list, an idea list, a prayer list or decision list. Again, what your list consists of will lead you to Brainstorming.

When you Brainstorm. Take an evening to work on your list. Turn off all your electronic devices and allow your imagination to run wild. Write down everything that comes to mind without judging it. You can evaluate your list at another time. It might be easier to come up with ideas if you consider particular categories one at a time.

· Travel. Where have you always wanted to visit? Consider places near and far. Maybe there’s a famous burger joint in the next town or a state park you’d like to visit. Remember that the world is big, but largely accessible. In one day, you can find yourself anywhere on Earth.

· Sports. Have you ever wanted to try hang gliding or learn how to ice skate backwards? Run a marathon or try deep sea diving? · Adventure. Ride a camel across the desert? Fly in a helicopter? Try your hand at zip lining? Ride across the US or Canada on a motorcycle? Swim with dolphins? · Events. Maybe you’ve always wanted to attend a Super Bowl or see Commissioned, Fred Hammond, Mali Music and Jonathan McReynolds live. Maybe you've always wanted to start a conference for entrepreneurs. Do you have a favorite comedian you’d like to see? Watch the northern lights? Watch a famous opera or ballet? · Creativity. Write a book or song? Learn to play the banjo? Take salsa dance lessons? · These are just a few ideas. What other categories come to mind? IMPORTANT: Give yourself time to add to your list. If you are a believer in Christ, allow the Holy Spirit to give you ideas through prayer. You’ll find that new ideas pop into your mind at random moments. Keep adding to your list and don’t worry about the length. You can pare it down to size later.

Prioritize your list. Rank your big list from most desirable to least. We often times think there’s never enough time to get it all done, so think carefully and rank your list items. Making a list is also valuable because it requires you to think and prioritize.

Make plans for this year. Starting at the top of your list, which items could you do with the time remaining this year? What can wait for next year or needs more serious planning? Consider the time it will take, financial resources, or both. What can you do now and what do you have to plan for? If the items are of most important to you and you can't do it right this minute or this year, DO NOT, cross it off the list. Begin making plans anyway. Decide what you can do to overcome your limitations and put your plan into action. Once you’ve set an objective, it’s important to take a first step as soon as possible. Show yourself that you’re serious by making preliminary plans. Most importantly, go to God before making any decision.

I laugh about it now, because I found out the hard way about this saying to be true. I once heard, 'Tell God about your plans.' In other words, we should understand that we can't do anything without God, because God's plan for our lives will not change and your plans must align with His. So, keep God first and I know you will create a great list to work from. We also know, our own best laid plans can go wrong, so keep in mind that set backs can happen. If it does, assess what happened. In other words, 'Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.' Maybe this idea on your list just happened too soon but it wouldn't hurt to try again at a better time.

Now that you have a good list, get busy crossing off items! And remember, a delay, isn't necessary a denial. Creating a list can help ensure that your life is exciting and fulfilling.

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