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The Container

Getting to know me a little better

This is such sweet sorrow, as this is my last blog post and video for the series Get To Know Me & My Novels. I still have excitement for what God is doing in my life. I've been learning a lot about myself these past couple of months; mostly, knowing I have the perseverence and grit to continue this journey of writing. That celebrating others and their wins is an excellent way to stay focused on your own work. Accountability Partners and Failure are necessary. Failure is necessary to show you what not to do the next time around. The Accountability Partners keeps you focused and on the path. Every day you wake up, make it count to fulfilling your dreams and desires to succeed.

The Container

This novel is a Work in Progress (WIP). I have to admit; I used to watch horror stories all the time, Freddy Krueger especially. As I got older, I veered away from the horror, because I didn't want those thoughts or images in my spirit regularly. Finding out they based the Exorcist on a true story, really made me think about looking at such movies. I know angels exist, and if they exist, then so do demons. I truly don't play around with the spiritual realms. I respect the fact that the Holy Scriptures speak of the supernatural and spiritual realms that exist. I am no longer afraid of it.

The Dream: One morning I woke from a nightmare. I dreamt I was with a cop friend of mine, Stuart Guidry, and a little boy was beckoning me into a house to save him. When we got into the house, the boy turned into one of those old Ronald McDonald plush toys from back in the day; he spoke to me from the doll to save him. There was a spirit in the house that kept him there, and to save the boy, I had to grab the toy and get out the house; he turns into a real boy once we reach outside. When I grab the toy and run, the spirit tries to attack me and stop me. But I rebuked it by calling on the blood and the name of Jesus and got out. When I got outside, his truck turned into space age flying machine and the tires turned fluorescent blue and we flew away in the truck. Yes, I know the dream sounds crazy, but even the craziest of dreams can provide a spark to a story. I wrote this story, because I thought about the dream and what it meant. What did it represent in my subconscious? The house being a container to hold something or someone; it was holding the little boy in a physical and spiritual way. Also, because I started learning about stories of people and organ trafficking and how prevalent it is, not only abroad, but in the United States. This dream opened my eyes to the fact that children, women and men are being kept against their will for money in many types of containers. This is a serious matter, and I wanted this story to not only bring awareness to the trafficking issue but also the seriousness of spiritual bondage. I hope you enjoy it when it's finished.

The overbearing alarm is screaming; triumphant in its attempt in waking her from a deep horrifying dream. Orange and yellow rays show through a slit in the curtains, blinding her as she rises in hatred of her subconscious experience. Her heart pounding but reducing speed, she grabs her face, slapping the sides to ensure she was awake as the dread subsides. Throwing the covers to the side to release her from the temporary trap she felt. Grabbing her charcoal grey colored robe and sliding her feet into the slippers of the same color, she walks over to the window, flinging open the curtains to engulf the room with light to dispel any evil that remained from the dream. Accepting the suns’ rays to warm her body. Children outside riding their bikes through the fall leaves—it was after all Hallows Day.

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Q & A: What is your idea of success?

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