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What Makes You Laugh!

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

They say that Laughter is good for the soul. So, my BFF calls me Tuesday morning and declares, she recognized she’s been living in a bubble, stating, "Knowledge is King."

She adds, “My aunt gave me Hemp Oil Lotion, and I thought to myself, why is she giving me stuff with drugs in it." She didn’t know, Hemp didn’t have the CBD/THC stuff in it.

We laughed so hard, I didn’t know how loud I was at work.

She caused me to laugh to my very soul.

(She granted permission to post this)

Ecclesiastes 3:4 says, there's 'A time to cry and a time to laugh'....

I love laughing. I prefer it over crying, unless its happy tears. My dad is a significant reason I love to laugh. His love of telling stories and jokes all my life has given me a love of humor. It's when you are laughing so hard, your side cramps up and you know you’ve laughed from your gut. Those are the best.

My BFF often says that God’s got jokes; I agree. I look at my life and laugh sometimes to keep from crying. Laughing helps me forget about my troubles for the moment, and then I realize I am blessed. Some people just won’t laugh, whether it’s their personality or life circumstances.

Most of us get it; life isn’t always easy, and God never said it would be, but every day shouldn’t consume you with dread and hopelessness. I can say, “My good days outweigh my bad ones, because laughter and God’s joy has been a part of the reason I can smile.”

Laughing is how we see and experience happiness. So, during this pandemic, reflect on your times of joy and laughter. Remember what a young kid said, that cracked you up. My assurance in the long term is in God’s word; to know that whatever I’m going through, I know God will get me through to the other side in victory. Laugh today, it'll do your body, mind and soul some good. #Laugh

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