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Unconditional Counsel & UC TOO!

Getting to know me a little better

I love writing and have a passion for storytelling. Whether it's parts of my story or just my imagination; it feels good to complete a blog/novel. If I could write full time and truly hone my craft, I would in a heartbeat, but I'm not there yet. So, I take every opportunity now to get stories out of my head and onto the paper. I am a fiction writer with Christian Themes and consider myself an eclectic writer. In my earlier writing, my writing dealt with relational themes and babies. As I matured, it's more on relations and children, but the children are not one of the focus points. In my future posts, you'll journey with me into the apocrypha, slavery, and trafficking.

Unconditional Counsel & Unconditional Counsel Too!

Now onto my current post. I wrote Unconditional Counsel, living through the first four chapters, which deals with marriage, fornication, infidelity, divorce, sexual immorality and a relationship with God. Finding the results of me being in poor relationships broke me. I am still today healing from hurt, but I am victorious, as forgiveness allows me to see myself and move forward. Unconditional Counsel Too, continues the Saga, as Roderick, Erica's son, must navigate his own life and relationships; finding, sometimes life circumstances can come full circle.

God's counsel is the wisest counsel, 'I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel; My heart also instructs me in the night seasons.' (Psalm 16:7, NKJV). “It was tough to look at myself and identify the parts I played in every relationship I experienced over the years of my life.” Erica Vaughn.

When Erica realizes there's been the constant turmoil within her marriage, and her relationship with God was in the most trouble, getting back into a right relationship with Him is her aim. She leaves California and heads to Georgia to get a fresh start with a new career, but murder and mystery interrupts her new beginning, when a missing teenager is found dead in Carter's Lake.

Fate: the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by supernatural power. Fate vs. Faith.

Unconditional Counsel Too!

The saga continues with Roderick, and the rest of his family as we left them. The Hawks draft Roderick to the NBA as a first-round pick. He’s come into his own as a father and well-rounded player as his first season ends. Drama ensues when he finds a new love, Gary requests his presence at his deathbed, and Aprils’ release from prison is looming over the family. New and old characters emerge as his relationship blossoms and threatens to disrupt and tear down everything he has built. Johnstons past catches up to him and Erica must determine to fight for her career and family. Roderick's priority is Roderick Jr., and the fight is on to keep him safe.

Unconditional Counsel & Unconditional Counsel Too Reading:

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Writing Topic: How to Develop a Creative Outlet

Download this pdf file. It gives you 5 ideas for developing a Creative Outlet.

5 Ideas for Developing a Creative Outlet
Download • 156KB

Writing Resource: Fictionary

I wanted to talk about Fictionary, which is part of StoryTeller Programs. This program is great for small and large manuscripts. Fictionary allows you to upload your manuscript and break it down by scenes. Breaking down a manuscript by scenes allows you to read, make changes as you go for it to flow, add detail and anything you may have missed. I used this program for my Apocalyptic 7 manuscript. Substantial investment. For example, view YouTube Channel Post:

Q & A: Would I consider co-writing with another author?

I definitely would consider it and accept a co-authorship with another author. The only acception would be the genre. I certainly wouldn't co-write anything in academia, but would consider any other genre.

Unconditional Counsel is available for purchase. Check out: Are Your Relationships in Trouble? Blog Post to use the links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also available on iTunes & Christian Faith Publishing. Click here:

Next Week The Series Continues With:

Apocalyptic 7-Salvations' Cry


Apocalyptic 8-Angels of Heaven's Armies

A7 is my 4th, and A8 is my 7th novels. A7 came from a dream I had while writing Unconditional Counsel, and A8 was the natural course to complete the Saga!

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