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Are your relationships in Trouble?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

There was no doubt it broke me. I hadn’t been myself for a very long time. The enemy had me bound. I wore blinders and lived in denial because I didn’t want to believe in the truth. I rolled along like everything was okay, but how much could I take before being broken got the better part of me? ~ Erica Manning

"Unconditional Counsel" was the 3rd novel I wrote in 2006. This book has a special place in my heart, as I birthed it out of pain. Although fiction, the hidden gems found within the pages tell a story of a woman trying to find the answers of her brokenness through men.

Questions to ask yourself

Can you guess which parts of Erica's story I lived through?

Do you need wise counsel to break the bondage from your life?

Do you know where to receive the wisest counsel?

Erica's story can help with these questions and more.

You can purchase "Unconditional Counsel" at Barnes & Noble and Amazon in print & eBook links below!

Share, comment, tell a friend and please let me know you purchased "Unconditional Counsel." Also, leave a review on either site or both.

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