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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

This fantasy, set in its own time period; takes on magic and redemption, and was birthed out of Author, Nicole’s P. Thomas’s love for reading. It’s categorized as a YA (Young Adult) fantasy fiction, that anyone can read.

Come to ELHAANAI, where Alric faces betrayal by those who should have protected him, where magic’s discovered, created and coveted. Where faith will determine the outcome for all. Where faith is the light, or the darkness is both the answer and the question. There are many wonderful caring and dark characters to choose from in TALES OF ELHAANAI.

There’s characters you’ll love to hate and are surprised to find their heart is true. Murder and deceit, jealousy and power struggles are within the pages, with several plot twists that leave you wanting to know what happens next.

“This book flowed from my soul to the pages, I couldn’t have stopped it even if I had wanted to.” ~ Nicole Thomas.

In January 2020, Nicole Thomas’s pastor delivered a message about being ready to move. She was ready to move on so many levels. She went to the altar and offered everything to God that day. Her prayer was and still is, Lord, move me where you want me to be, please. That same week, God woke her at 5 am and gave her the first paragraph word for word and the name of the city where this tale is set. Nicole believes her entire process is God ordained, and she is SO excited! Nicole was born in Queens, New York, in 1984. She’s a married woman of 10 years and has one daughter and a cat.

Our Interview

Nicole penned this tale with unique names and twists of magic. I asked the author about the names, and the nature of their meaning. She explains, “EL means God, and God is who gave me the name HAANAI. In my research, I found that it’s Hawaiian for Adopted Family." She continues, “We are all adopted in the family of God when we come to Christ.” Within this question, she explains, "Wleia Mwandishi, which is Swahili and means author or writer. Once you read the book you will understand the significance in choosing this name.

It was amazing to get to the backstory of the author’s process. We were talking and having fun, so we segmented into what was fun about writing this novel. She states, “It’s been fun meeting and interacting with other first-time authors. Also, the message of redemption and faith is getting out there through these characters.” She says some elements of the book are attributes of her beliefs, such as being a mother and wanting to protect her child, loyalty to family and redemption. She states, “I pulled from different emotions while ascribing them to the characters.”

Her favorite scripture is Romans 5:1-5, which she lives by. As a PK (Preacher’s Kid), she expresses that her family has been a significant support of her endeavors. Her husband, who also created the cover, was wonderful to bounce ideas around with, which is how some of the plot twists in Tales of Elhaanai happened, and from her mother who also has written a book.

Some people think writing a book is easy and when God ordains a work, it's easy to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, but what about when the first draft is complete; the work begins.

So, I asked what challenges she faced since completing the book. She says, “My hurdles were the editing and self-promotion. When I finished Elhaanai and self-published, someone contacted me from Twitter and said she loved the story, but there were typos and other issues that needed correcting and she could help re-edit it with me.” Reluctant at first, she pulls the manuscript and found it to be immensely beneficial, she continues to work with that same editor for the sequel.

Nicole has always enjoyed reading, her favorite genres being Christian fiction, historical fiction and fantasy. Tales of Elhaanai, her first novel, is a mystical blending of those genres. Nicole’s excitement through this interview was great. She loves what God has given her and wants to continue to write. The second book in The Elhaanai Saga is complete and looks for its release in early 2021. She looks to write a third book on women’s fiction with a Christian undertone with no romantic interest. She states, “There are a lot of women out here who are courageous, and they do not need to be rescued by a man to succeed. So, I want to write about those women, and a future children’s book.”

Writing Poetry since she was 16, I asked if the poetry book came before the novel? She says, “No, they may have been written first but I published after. It is a compilation of life experiences, in all its forms, some my own and some from others. I have many poems but narrowed it down to thirty for the book.” She says it was difficult to choose, but she did and created, Facts of a Poet’s Soul.

I know as an Author myself, with God, all things are possible for those who believe. I can trust that Nicole’s faith through this process has increased and I look forward to seeing her success grow with each level of surrender and endeavor she tackles. If you love fantasy fiction, go get TALES OF ELHAANAI.

Tales of Elhaanai, available in Print and eBook

Facets of a Poet's Soul (eBook only)

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