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It's All About Your Perception!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Have you been on the receiving end of Rejection? Every hand should be raised. ✋ Since everyone deals with rejection when they submit for publishing, I thought it befitting to explore the topic. Maria C. Robinson's book, 'Rejection: It's all About Perception', provides the reader a thorough look at the several aspects of rejection and how to deal with it healthily. She states,

"There are so many obstacles to people fulfilling their purpose in life. One major barrier is rejection. It's a universal concept that affects everyone’s life. Children and adolescents reject each other based on appearance and social status. Many never set out to pursue their dreams because they don’t want the rejection. Let’s not forget about those individuals who settle for less in relationships and careers to avoid it. Consider the number of parents who struggle with the root of rejection within, only to pass it on to their children in one form or another. This book will help you look at rejection from a healthy perspective. By faith you will recognize it in your heart, uproot it, and use it to your advantage to fulfill your purpose in life."

Maria C. Robinson

Maria lives in Southern California with her husband, Raphael. Her academic background is in psychology, child development, and education. She works for her local school district as a resource specialist providing academic support and individual educational plan case management services to middle school students. Besides working in education, Maria serves as the president of Victorious Pathways, Inc. 501(c)(3) with amazing volunteers. She established the grassroots organization in 2014 to empower girls and women to become all God created them to be in life through hosting workshops; mentor programs; and retreats.

Our Interview

Maria was open and honest and did not hold back when asked her Point of View (P.O.V.) on writing her book and dealing with rejection. For the reader, each chapter provides a real evaluation that allows us to know that rejection is across the board, no matter your race, status, gender, or age. "I was Grant Wesson in chapter 5—overlooked. I understand the child Xavier in chapter 7, who got distracted easily; as I allowed others to distract me from my purpose. I recognized that at times I was overindulgent parent to my daughter, just like Justina in chapter 10. Although I didn't go down the path Angel went down in chapter 13, I understand why people do, because I grew up without my father. My confidence and self-worth suffered in this area." She says.

Maria attributes overcoming the rejection she experienced throughout her life to changing her perception. She learned that God's opinion of her was more valuable than people. Her experiences taught her powerful lessons that freed her to embrace her purpose and uniqueness. "The greatest lesson was allowing rejection to catapult me to greatness, by focusing on the circle of people God placed in my life and perfecting the areas needing improvement." She states.

Maria learned what God said in His word about her, "So, as I believed and applied God's word. My boldness grew, I started doing workshops, and became free to be me by finding the courage to embrace who I was and my personality—who God said I was." With that freedom came, 'Rejection: It’s All About Perception.' Her breakthrough was the catalyst for others to break free from the destructive perception of rejection. She continues, "I wanted to help people change their perceptions, because we all have to deal with rejection. I want people to appreciate the value of who they are." Although the book originally published in 2013, the Holy Spirit spoke and said, 'You’re not finished with this book—it's ministry.' She changed the cover and updated the title; she is now revising the workbook, and started a Blog at

I asked Maria, what was a hurdle or challenge from the writing perspective when writing this book? She said, "It's the editing/revising and the mind trips about what others will think." I told her I agreed, and we laughed. On those same lines, her advice to beginning authors is to just write and don't worry about being perfect. She says, "Be patient with yourself and take your time; it's not a race. Find a person who will keep you on track and focused, like my godmother did for me."

This book provides an understanding on the roots of rejection and how to overcome it. Changing our perception and understanding that rejection is a part of life, but it is how you deal with it—is key. Where you can purchase Maria's Book: (Available in Kindle and paperback). Also on Amazon:

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