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It's finally here! A7 EXCLUSIVE!

The journey of writing can be wonderful. Most people who have never tried it, probably wouldn't understand the complexity of the mind to imagine a story from beginning to end, especially fiction, where it's made up--mostly. Writing A7 was a privilege. God gave me the concept through a dream while I wrote Unconditional Counsel. I started writing A7 in 2013. I've toiled over it's structure and characters. Trusting only what God gave me and my imagination. If you could see my flash drive with hundreds of saved files for just this book, you would think I was mad, but through it all, I am grateful for the final project after many revisions and versions later, it is finally finished.

Exclusive!!! Starting December 1st, you can get an autographed copy from yours truly! You will have to Subscribe, if not already, and contact me. You will receive a separate email with information to get your copy before anyone else. To get a sneak peak, see the link below.

Don't forget, contact me starting December 1st, 2021!!!!!

In the Apocalyptic 7, A.R. Leonard weaves her Bible knowledge and creativity to create a compelling story about the war that rages behind the scenes to prepare the world for what’s coming in the Book of Revelations. Amidst the adrenaline packed dramatic escapades, combats and bombings one can trace the golden strands of God’s love and good will for men. It’s one of the few well written books that merges the Biblical Faith and Assassin stories.

A special shout out to my Beta Readers. You are awesome!!!!!

Toiling over A7 is a dream come true. It's my second full novel to be published and will be available for purchase, December 20th, 2021. Everywhere!

For an exclusive preview of A7, click here for Chapter 1, Blow Back:

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