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Dream with Passion & Breakthrough!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

You’ve read that dreams, visions, and goals mean nothing if you don’t put action behind it. Well, now you have no excuse. “Breakthrough to Vision’s Destiny”, is a step-by-step process for you to see your passions come to pass. In this book, LaWanda C. Jackson provides a heart-felt guide for you to work from! To see our YouTube Interview:

LaWanda grew up in Compton, CA. Her first memory was in the fifth grade, when a teacher recognized her for writing a poem. As a result, the origin of her joy for writing emerged. As LaWanda continued with her poetry, she grew an appreciation for inspirational writing, which you can now experience through her social media posts @encourage_queen, and @justencouragingwords. From her desire to inspire others through her writing became the book “Breakthrough to Vision’s Destiny.”

Breakthrough to Vision’s Destiny:

23 Gems for Pursuing Your Dreams with Passion,

is an action plan for you to pursue your goal, dream, or vision. With the help of this book, you will plan out your thoughts and put them to paper.

One of LaWanda's quotes from the book:

May the discovery of your breakthrough

bring you to fulfill your God-given destiny.

~~LaWanda C. Jackson

Our Interview

LaWanda’s passion for writing came early on, described above, and continued as an adult, providing encouraging words on her social media posts. After a few years of posting on @justencouragingwords on her Facebook page, she was in a business meeting and the presenter said, ‘Some of you have a book inside of you.’ LaWanda experienced a prick on the inside. She started writing everything she posted from FB and placed them into categories. She says, “Whatever the topic, I gave it a title.” That’s how her book writing journey began.

I asked LaWanda if she enjoyed writing this book?

She states, “I did. It came from my heart to encourage others to pursue their dreams, just like I’m doing. I've been a person to encourage others since I was a young girl, and this seemed to be a natural progression.” She states, “It’s been nice to encourage others through my YouTube channel Encourage Queen. I’m able to refer to the book whenever I post, as I am living my life according to some sections. The book has kept me accountable in many areas and especially keeps me from procrastinating.”

What challenges or hurdles did you face from start to finish while writing this book?

LaWanda states, “I became discouraged at one point. I looked to the family to read my work and give feedback. They read it, but didn’t have the time to give the feedback I needed. So, I suspended my writing in the middle of my process for a time, saying, ‘I’ll get to it.’ It wasn’t until one day, my husband and I were chatting about our children’s purpose. Her husband says, ‘If you complete the book, then the children will see you walking in your purpose and learn they can too.’”

LaWanda describes an element in her book, as being willing to talk to qualified people to help get you through your process. She states, “Maria C. Robinson, the author of Rejection: It’s All About Perception, was my biggest support by keeping me accountable. I knew in my heart I had to say yes to Maria being my Accountability Partner. Maria created the environment I needed. She pushed me when I needed pushing and pulled back when I needed her too.”

LaWanda enjoys writing for ministry and sometimes for fun. Her plans for the future include a Syllabus Workshop to go along with the book. Breakthrough is a book that is user friendly and anyone can glean from; defining their vision or goals within the book. It’s outline based, so you can write notes on the pages, to go back and refer to what you wrote for each chapter. LaWanda’s writing process was simple, using Pages on her laptop.

When the truth slaps us in our face, the result is a finished book, debt-freedom, a business or ministry established, and what God gives you in vision, dream and goals, will happen. We have to trust God, step out in faith, and put in the effort!

Breakthrough to Vision's Destiny: 23 Gems for Pursuing Your Dreams with Passion,

is available at Amazon: Print and eBook. Support by purchasing today!

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