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NNB's Author's P.O.V.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Welcome to Nita Nae's Books Author's Point of View. Where we highlight authors, writers, poets and future writers and what we've learned along the way. September 2020

About Nita Nae

Nita Nae (Arnita Renee) is an Author of one short love story, Amethyst in Love (Amazon, 2020) and Unconditional Counsel (Amazon, 2019 & Christian Faith Publishing, 2020). I've been writing since my early twenties and have several Works in Progress (WIP's), Apocalyptic 7-Salvations' Cry, Apocalyptic 8-Angels' Cry, Mercy Undercover, Unconditional Counsel Too, The Ghosts of Slavery's Dance, Embrace the Dawn: To Live Again (Margo E. Leonard), and The Container.

In 2019, I attended a writer's conference where I met many other authors. I also met a representative from the Wave Newspaper here in Los Angeles, who will interview me and tell people about my book, "Unconditional Counsel." I didn't have to pay anything, just provided a picture, and did an over the phone interview. I could get a spot in their online newspaper in their Book Corner page (click to see post). Now, I don't have newspaper pull (yet), but I want to do for others what Marissa Wells, Contributing Writer for the Wave Newspaper, did for me. I want to interview new authors, artists, writers, illustrators, and poets. And guess what God is allowing me to do just that. I started my interview on September 4th. I forward to

Look Out!

NNB Author's P.O.V. is heading to YouTube in Late October—early November. Where my interviews will post for the world to see. I pray they bless you and that you learn something. BTW, every artist appreciates your support.


My biggest why is God. God provided the gift, the vision and the idea to all of this from my first novel until now. I take no credit other than a mind to want to be Obedient to God's will and plan for my life. I love to serve; I don't have to be in the forefront all the time and I believe God gave me the gift of helps. This also gets me out of my shell.

With that said, I want you to experience other Author's incites and experiences and I hope You and I can learn from them. To understand why people like me write and how our books can help others in every area of their lives and leave a legacy for generations to come.

My Excitement is Growing

I look forward to sharing the programs I use, what I find frustrating as an author and learn from you and others what works for you as an author and writer. There's more to writing than people think. I know I can't do it alone and neither can other writers.

So don't be shy! I will read each one of your responses; whether excellent or not so great.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to NNB Author's P.O.V. and I look forward to learning and having fun together.

NNB's Information

You can check out my website: and Join Today!

IG: nitanaesbooks and arnitaleonardlewis

Twitter: @ArnitaRLLewis

FB Page: nitanaesbooks - Truthful Imagination

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