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Can Writing or Blogging Heal?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

7 Ways That Writing & Blogging Can Heal

Writing or Blogging serves many purposes. You may have a lot to say and want to share it. Or perhaps you like to lighten others' lives with your sense of humor or educate them with your knowledge. Maybe your writing heals you, because you can tell on yourself with no one knowing. Or you want to heal with no one knowing what's really going on with you. If you want to keep it to yourself, then by all means, do that. Keeping it to yourself, doesn't negate your healing process you can achieve. If you want to share your stories with the world, or the opposite, then continue reading.

Whatever your reason for starting your writing/blog journey, there's another significant reason to write/blog. Blogging and writing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas can promote healing for you and those who read your blog or book.

Writing in any form can facilitate discovering solutions for emotional challenges and working through whatever life brings. My main recommendation is prayer and writing second. We'll discuss the writing part here today:

1. Journaling. Provides you with an opportunity to journal about how you feel. If you rarely journal or keep a diary, writing about your life provides you with the "space" to record life's events. This can help you heal.

2. Mental processing. Writing encourages you to process your emotions and thoughts. As you write, you take the time to think about your experiences. Whether with people or God.

3. Seeking solutions. Writing a blog or book often involves reviewing a situation and discussing options. Whether you blog about an event before it occurs or afterward, or you write a book of fiction or non-fiction, you'll likely inspect the situation than you normally would. 4. Helping others. Besides healing yourself with writing/blogging or a book, you can also contribute to the lives of others. When we read a blog or book, we learn about what another person experienced. We can start the healing process by knowing someone else got through the same situation. · Whether the blog/book is about trying something new for the first time, going through a difficult life situation, or having an epiphany, we take in all the information a blogger/writer offers to us.

· Also, blogging/writing promotes healing as others read about your struggles and your eventual rise above those challenges. Your readers may find your experiences inspiring. Plus, much to your readers' delight, they might also find that your ideas help them solve their own dilemmas. 5. Regular blogging/writing builds confidence. Let's face it: the more you write, the better writer you become. Likewise, the more you evaluate your life and how to address challenging situations, the better you get at doing so. 6. Writing/Blogging keeps you connected to something bigger than yourself. Have you ever felt lost or "free-floating," like you weren't attached to anyone or anything? Writing can help you reconnect. Reconnect to God, family, someone who's hurt you and yourself. I think Forgiveness also has to be a concern here. Have you forgiven yourself and can you forgive others?

· If you're looking for an audience, new internet friends, or just the possibility of getting feedback on your own writing, blogging can provide these healing events. · When you write/blog, you become a member of another community: the internet. This can heal if you feel alone or are seeking camaraderie.

7. Blogging/writing frees you. Being honest and telling the truth about how you feel is liberating. Throughout life, many of us have learned (or were taught) to keep our feelings and emotions under wraps. However, releasing feelings in nondestructive ways can contribute to a healthy, contented life.

As you can see, writing can bring greater peace and contentment to you as you process your experiences. And when you blog, you also stand to touch the lives of others through your online writing. Perhaps the best part of all, though, is that you can start today!

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