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Accountability Partners

When it comes to accountability, are You reliable?

Accountability Partner - What does that mean?

An accountability partner is a person who coaches or mentors another person in order to help them keep a commitment and stay focused.

I have a day job, family, church & ministry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. My day is full and I am sure yours is too. God and family in that order is a priority for me, but what about everything else! If you’re like me, there are things outside of the norm you love to do. For me, it’s writing novels, and now Author’s P.O.V.! And to do those things outside of the norm takes focus and commitment, because guess what; Life Happens.

You have to make time

Whether it’s a hobby right now or you want to make a business out of it; the question is, do you love what you do? Do you have a business you should start? Is there a book inside of you that’s screaming to get out? Is there a ministry God has called you to and you haven’t said, Yes, because you think you have no time or you're running from your purpose? Trust me, I thought so too. I wanted to start this blog in 2019, but I thought, It’s not the right time. (Side Bar - When it’s God, it’s always a good time.) Whatever the reason, you can start right now!

I know what you’re asking, what does this have to do with an Accountability Partner(s)? Well, let me tell you.

Let’s look at the Accountability Partner

You’ve started something new. A business, a ministry; if so, you can’t do it alone. Whatever you call them, you need an Accountability Partner, a BFF, a Mentor, a person who can keep you focused and on track with the goals you are trying to reach. I’m an Accountability Partner now, and I believe it is a part of my ministry to help others, so win, win.

In other words, an AP shouldn’t drop their lives to be your personal assistant, unless you’re paying them to do so. Make sure it’s someone who’s invested in your relationship to care and see you succeed. Being an Accountability Partner to someone else is serious business, but it should never be so serious that it ruins a friendship.

So, here are just a few questions you should ask yourself, and of yourself, before picking an Accountability Partner?

1. How long have you known them?

2. Are you like-minded; have the same interests?

3. Can you laugh, pray and discuss together?

4. Can you take wise/sound counsel from others in your accountability circle?

5. Can they challenge you when needed?

6. Do they care about your opinions/thoughts and vice versa?

7. Would they be afraid to monitor your progress?

8. Can that person be understanding, flexible, and firm?

9. Can you trust the counsel they’ve given you in the past?

10. Can they tell you the truth and you hear them?

Honestly, answering these questions will save you time and energy. If you want to succeed, make sure those around you want you to succeed too. One last thing. It is so important that you seek God before starting anything, because if God calls you to it; He will see you through it. Especially when you are bringing others into your inner circle to trust them with your vision, dream or calling.

Share this post with your AP! (Mentor, BFF, etc.)

P.S. Don’t forget NNB Author’s P.O.V. officially starts September 2020.

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I truly enjoyed this article/blog. It points out the need to have people around you who can keep you focused.

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