"Unconditional Counsel"

Relationships can be love, challenging, and thrilling. To truly know someone, should be a life long desire. It's not something that happens overnight, but there is One who can provide us insights before we invest time and energy. With a yearning so deep, Erica realizes God is the only one who can protect and sustain her as she struggles with betrayal, and the murder of a young girl found in Carter’s Lake.  

"Apocalyptic 7 - Salvations' Cry"

What does Military, Assassin, and FBI professionals have in common? God! The world as we know it has changed drastically, and so has the hearts of man. The Apocalyptic 7 come together to change the course to Armageddon in the future by God's command. Personalities clash and past relationship get in the way of their missions. Can they come together as a team and stand in faith to stop the Apollyon and Black Rain from destroying the world and those that are left behind? 

"The Ghosts of Slavery's Dance"
My village was deep in the shadows of the giant trees.  You couldn’t just readily get there from the big water.  The rivers flowed continuously full of life and wealth; for the Creator had seen fit for us to be free.  Many years of my life, I had never seen them, but I had heard about them and for that many years we were safe from the Ghosts. I was taller than the one's who stood by me, except the one who allowed them to chain me, forever in my memory. I would never see them again. Sold to the Ghost's of a distant land. My life would be my own, but fight I must to eventually be free and take care of my now family. 

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