"Unconditional Counsel"

I was broken, and I knew it. I hadn’t been myself for a very long time. The enemy had me bound. I wore blinders and lived in denial because I didn’t want to believe in the truth. I rolled along like everything was okay, but how much could I take before being broken got the better part of me? 

"Apocalyptic 7 - Salvations' Cry"

A trained  Assassin and bodyguard to one of wealthiest of Japanese families, walks up behind Sublime as she's standing in the limo doorway.  She reaches for her Sai’s as Sublime swiftly makes waste of the woman's body.  Screaming and wailing to contend with, she pushes the unconscious woman into a seat as though she was meant to be there; closes the door to focus on finding Euphrates and getting him out of the building.  Sublime runs into the house to extract Euphrates but is rushed by others trying to get out as well.  She sees him running toward her with Mr. Frederickson in tow - unconscious.  He was hurt, but not unto death. 

"The Ghosts of Slavery's Dance"
My village was deep in the shadows of the giant trees.  You couldn’t just readily get there from the big water.  The rivers flowed continuously full of life and wealth; for the Creator had seen fit for us to be free.  Many years of my life, I had never seen them, but I had heard about them and for that many years we were safe from the ghosts. 

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