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Nita Nae's Books is branching out to provide editing & consulting services to those who are looking for initial copy/line editing, and consultation on what steps are needed from start to finish in the book writing and publishing process. Nita Nae started her writing journey, and was introduced to the world of editing by her first editor, Chontali Kirk in 2013. During that process, she learned there are things you have to do as a writer for yourself. Learning the process of writing, editing, and what it takes to have a professional product that traditional, boutique, and self-published readers will enjoy.

"I am here to help you."

If you want to write a book or have written a book and don't know what steps you need take, let Nita Nae's Books be your Editorial Assistant/Consultant. 

Below are the services provided and what to expect from Nita Nae.   

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