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The Ghosts of Slavery's Dance: No More Chains

Before you can tell your story, you must live through it. In the 1800s, this historical reflection is told by Nakdi, as she's taken from Africa to the strange territory of South Carolina. Her rare beauty and attributes lead Benjamin Henderson, a ghost, to single her out for an experiment. During her life as a slave, Civil War breaks out, mystery surrounds a Weaving Basket, and a family's love intertwined by circumstance brings them all together.


"All slaves have a story to tell.  Millions will never get the chance due to death by hanging, lynching and any other forms of murderous torture that were used in those days.  Now, I know stories about the Slavery War have been told over and over again, but this one hasn’t been because my great-grandmother was the only survivor of it in all her family.  Meaning, she was the last one in my family to be a slave and still alive to tell the story.” ~Nakida


“If it wasn’t for my great-grand-daughter asking so many questions and really wanting to know where she comes from, I probably would have taken my story to the grave as well.  Slavery was a nasty business and I learned firsthand of the hurt and pain that it caused for those being taken and the families who lost their loved ones and were left behind.  As much as I didn’t understand what happened to me, I am somewhat amazed at the outcome.” ~Nakdi


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The Ghosts of Slavery's Dance: No More Chains

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