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2022's New Risks & Old Favorites!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

It's never clear; the path we must walk, but when a metaphorical open door appears in front of you, you have a choice to make. Close the door and wonder for the rest of your life or walk through it and learn, enjoy, experience, fail, and grasp the fact that you took a risk. You moved past your own fear. You've found your passion-your calling.

In 2020, I started NNB Author's Point of View. It was not a natural progression to my writing, but the thought of learning and listening to other artists was very intriguing. Of course, there was fear, but the idea was clear-God had given it to me. I had interviewed no one in this field before. This was me taking on a role I've never done before.

When I had my first interview, it was awesome. I was nervous and unsure of my abilities as an interviewer. I did a pre-talk with the author to see if they had questions. The questions were prepared and sent to them if they wanted. Before the interview, I read most of their book. I wanted the author/artist to feel comfortable during the interview. I wanted them to talk to me about their book, writing process and I wanted it to be as natural as possible.

It's work and there is pre-work before an interview is done. It was not only the interview but scheduling logistics. I had to learn how to use zoom, edit a video, make sure I had all the tools, add video, and create advertisements for social media for the upcoming interviews and I was doing this weekly.

It was amazing, because the interviews were fun, interesting, and I definitely learned from each of them. Learning that every person is unique in their approaches. I enjoyed interviewing others. So, 27 videos later, I had to take a hiatus to work on my novel and publish it. I was successful in accomplishing that goal and Apocalyptic 7-Salvations' Cry and I published it on December 20, 2021. Go purchase this action/adventure everywhere. Now that my A7 goal is complete, NNB Author's Point of View YouTube Channel is returning soon!

If you have written a book, are an editor, an artist, illustrator, or in the publishing industry; I want to interview YOU! Scheduling starts in April and NNB APOV will air twice a month. Interested, contact me at the information below.

What's Coming to NNB?

Writing, no matter if your a playwright, screen-writer for tv or movies or you have a heart to write children's books, it's not always easy. Navigating what to do after the writing can be a maze, unless you're Stephen King, Jerry Jenkins or any well-known author that has the backing of a publishing house. And if not, you've mastered the self-publishing world, or you paid a boutique publishing company to do it for you.

I had been praying for God to show me what HE wanted me to do for his Kingdom. Not just in ministry, but to help others. I've always been one to help others whenever I could. Whether it was financial, ministry, or personal. I AM A HELPER. I AM A SERVANT, that is my calling in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I've interviewed people in this industry of writing. So, I wanted to provide and help those starting out with as much information as I can. It wasn't until mid 2021; a friend contacted me about helping someone else with their book process. Mr. Clint D. Johnson, artist, poet, Christian comic book extraordinaire, referred me to one of his client who was looking for some help with their children's book. Then a church friend referred their sister because she wanted help to write her book. Then another, and within those personal referrals, I have three clients. It was unexpected, but God!

When I started my personal journey in 2013, I had to learn the writing world by trial and error. I can help where God leads me. That's why in April, I will start an editing certification program. After receiving my certification, I will provide editing services to those in need.

Editing Assistant/Consulting Services will include:

Copy/Line Editing

A professional copy edit focuses on the document at a more technical level. For self-publishing authors who can’t afford to pay for line editing, starting with a round of copy editing is a good way to help you understand the state of your manuscript.

Line editing focuses on the content, style, and language use within the manuscript. A professional line editor may point out sections that can be improved, parts where the style is inconsistent, issues with pacing, or overuse of certain words or phrases throughout the manuscript.


Get a consultation on steps for writing and publishing resources.

Ongoing Consultation:

You need help writing, editing, and consultation for the duration of your project to completion for those choosing to self-publish or resources for those looking to traditionally publish.


Why did I write this blog?

This blog was to push myself. To make myself accountable to help others and not just myself. I will monetize these services and pay it forward like someone else did for me. To share my gratitude for the OPEN DOOR. To express that I am learning, enjoying, failing, and picking myself back up as I continue to walk this journey called life.

I wrote this blog to let you know that no matter the outcome; I want YOU to do the same. Push past the fear of the unknown and walk through every open door God has for you.

NNB Author's P.O.V.

You can check out my website: Join Today!

IG, FB, Twitter & Pinterest: @nitanaesbooks


NNB YouTube Channel: click here.

To purchase autographed copies of Unconditional Counsel and/or Apocalyptic 7-Salvations' Cry, go to

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