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  • Hi Everyone, there are several books to choose from: Mercy Undercover: Brenda Sayers, becomes a LAPD Officer and then Under Cover Cop who has to go undercover in a joint Task Force with the FBI to flush out a killer. The Ghosts of Slavery's Dance: Nakdi is captured from her homeland and taken into slavery where her Master's son falls in love with her. A child is born under a shroud of secrecy and no one can find out who the parents are. Nakdi is telling her story to her granddaughter Nakida, how she survived to one of the richest African women alive. Embrace the Dawn; To Live Again: is a Roaring 1950's to 1980's Theater and Fashion Drama, where murder and mystery plague the characters life choices. My mother wrote this and I became co-writer/editor of her first work. Unconditional Counsel Too: As Unconditional Counsel ends, Roderick's Story begins. This takes a look at a man's point of view and how Roderick had to navigate his Famous Basketball life and taking care of Roderick Jr.


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